5 Household Chores To Be Healthy

Who says housewives or househusbands can’t be fit and healthy anymore? Admit it or not, but most people that work at home, whether they are housewives, stay at home moms, or even people that run a business out of their home may tend to go on the outside and feel out of shape.

They always reason out that they don’t have the time anymore to socialize, mingle with friends and especially to go to the gym.

The truth is that the lifestyle of these individuals can sometimes be busier than those that have a typical job outside the home. And while they are busy at home they may not be getting as much exercise as they should.

However, if one will closely examine the daily routine of a housewife and others that work at home, it can be clearly seen that in fact, she can manage to have exercises while at home. Yes, those chores that she is doing everyday can make her feel light, comfortable, sexy and happy as well.

Here are the household chores that can burn fats and calories to stay fit and healthy.

1) Dusting.
Indeed it’s true that dusting the some furniture and picking up little pieces of litter on the floor can be a good way to start the day. Putting on some music will surely spice up the morning.

This activity will definitely stretch those muscles and loose the joints which is perfect in starting the day right. This chore can burn 150 calories per hour. That doesn’t include if one will dance along.

2) Scrubbing.
Scrubbing the floors will be the next in line of activity. It will help in toning the arms, abs and shoulders.

Thus, don’t hesitate to clean the living room or the kitchen and most importantly the bathroom since more effort will be exerted and more calories will be burned. Scrubbing for one hour will burn up to 220 calories.

3) Vacuuming.
Since you have already ensured that those stains were removed, vacuum the floor and a whooping 200 calories will be burned within an hour. In addition, the muscles in your legs, arms and abs will be stretched during this activity.

4) Mopping and Sweeping.
Indeed both these activities burn calories as well. Also, they are both good in toning the arms, abs, chest, and the shoulders.

In an hour of mopping, approximately 170 calories are being burned while an hour of sweeping, 190 calories are being burned which is enough to burn a pack of crisps or a bar of chocolate.

5) Washing.
Whether it’s the laundry or the window pane that is being washed, still it is a good exercise. This is also applicable in washing the car, just like the movie Karate kid.

Remember the wash-in, wash-out routine? Doing it ten times will be good for the shoulders and the triceps. Also, by picking the bucket and the wash cloth, the activity targets the hips and lower back. Washing in this manner for an hour will burn 200 calories.

Those were just some of the household activities that really help to be healthy. For that reason, who needs a Wii console or an online gym to be healthy at home?

All that needs to be done is getting that broom and rug and cleaning the house to have a beautiful environment as well as a healthy life.

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Updated: October 22, 2013 — 2:00 am

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