5 Effective Ways To Gently Breakup With Him

by Gail Browser
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Breakups can be very loud and messy if you they aren’t handled correctly. So instead of doing what you know isn’t going to work. Why not try your hand at something new this time around? Listed below are 5 effective ways for you to breakup with your guy in a gentle, softer way.

Never Leave A Door Open

Close all your doors immediately during the conversation. You don’t want to lead this poor fella on. This means not suggesting that maybe sometime in the future you two will once again be together. Make it crystal clear to him that this relationship is over and you don’t want to hear anything about it again, period. Don’t yell this out to him but do make certain he understands you don’t want him back.

Let Him Be The First To Know

It can be really humiliating for a guy to be dumped without actually being dumped. This normally happens when you’re talking to your girls about dumping him. Rehearsing your dumping speech is fine and all but only do it with your most trusted friend. If you’re rehearsing with a bunch of your girls, someone is going to blab and that will lead him to humiliation. You’re already giving the guy up you can be nice enough to let him be the first to know.

Keep The Technology In Your Pocket

I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing lately. Girls breaking up with guys through text messages is just unbelievably cold and cruel. Who does that? Well if you’re one of the many who are thinking they should let their song to be ex-boyfriends know its over via a text message, stop. You don’t want to go into the worst girlfriend hall of fame, and you really don’t want to be so cold and cruel as to suggest there is no other way. Grab some of your courage and tell him face-to-face. Be a woman!

Don’t Over React

Too many times we allow ourselves to become some type of victim. You aren’t a victim because you couldn’t see into the future. You may have not known who they truly were. That isn’t your fault and your please to come and go as you will. So don’t over react because you made the mistake of mentally boosting this guy’s character and personality. You made a mistake, deal with it.

Don’t Be Brutally Honest

Some girls take it a little too far by being overly honest about why they are breaking up with the guy. This can swing into the negative side very quickly, and can get heated if not properly approached. Your best bet is to just simply tell him you don’t feel a connection and your done trying to. Let him off nice and easy and be done with the breakup.

You don’t have to breakup with a guy and let the world know. Don’t post your breakups on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media outlet. Your just making yourself look bad. Instead take your breakup as a blimp on your radar. Something you know about and something you once did care about. But its over and you’re moving on.

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Updated: October 30, 2012 — 7:12 pm

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