5 Best Fitness Magazines for Women

Are all fitness magazines created equal? NO!

The variations fall in how the content is presented to you. Some people prefer to hear how celebrities lose weight to get red carpet ready while others would rather learn how a single working mother of 3 kids found time to get in shape, then to REALLY shake things up, some people want to hear both stories.

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Each fitness magazine offers something unique for their audience. Some of us that do not want fashion and makeup advice mixed in with our fitness and nutrition. Others want a more natural and holistic approach to health.

Each magazine covers similar topics but the approach is different and how the information is conveyed also varies from magazine to magazine.

SELF Magazine
The focus of Self magazine is on total well-being for women. Self magazine’s content aims to inspire and encourage readers to be happier and healthier through informative articles and helpful advice. Articles cover exercise techniques, healthy eating advice and recipes, beauty tips and current news in the medical world. Self also highlights the latest in personal style with clothes and accessories. You’ll also find inspiring celebrity interviews and a helpful Q & A on physical and mental health and nutrition. www.magazines.com/product/self


  • informative
  • full range on topics from health, fitness, beauty, fashion and much more
  • encourages healthy living
  • positive and upbeat


  • topics can seem redundant

Women’s Health
Every issue of Women’s Health magazine focuses on health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, relationships, emotional well-being, beauty and style. Step-by-step photos of weightlifting and resistance exercises are provided for visual direction. Women’s Heath provides great day-to-day workout and diet plans that are easy to follow, understand and implement. www.magazines.com/product/womens-health


  • enhances diet and exercise routines
  • encourages healthy life style
  • not focused on fad diets


  • lacks depth
  • targeted towards a younger audience

Prevention magazine helps readers make sense of the overwhelming flood of health and medical information in the media. Each issue of Prevention includes explanations of the latest research on food, nutrition, exercise and disease-prevention. In addition, each issue also features advice on beauty, cooking, weight loss and more. www.magazines.com/product/prevention


  • informative articles
  • emphasizes on self-help and alternative therapies


  • excessive advertisements
  • articles can be too short and lack substance
  • places too much emphasis on weight loss

Shape magazine is written for women who have an active lifestyle and want to look and feel good. The focus of Shape is on healthy living, with regular features on recipes, workouts, fitness tools and fashion and beauty advice. The Shape Your Life section contains inspiring stories, interviews and motivational tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Shape offers beauty products reviews and current trends in clothing and accessories from suits, to swimwear, work-out gear and evening attire. www.magazines.com/product/shape


  • motivational stories
  • filled with valuable tips and tricks for the average person
  • helpful advice
  • focuses on real people not celebrities and pop culture


  • fashion portion of the magazine is not for thrifty spenders

Fitness magazine focuses on a wide range of health, fitness and nutrition topics for women. Topics covered include medical advancements, healthy recipes, weight management and how to exercise specific parts of the body. Each issue also features reviews of beauty products, fitness gear and fitness style ideas. www.magazines.com/product/fitness


  • quality articles
  • discusses a variety of topics
  • designed for beginner and advanced fitness levels


  • targeted towards younger audience

To pick the best fitness/health/wellness magazine think about what is important to you, think about your goals, and how you want to achieve them. Find a magazine that has content that you what to read about.

If you do not know what you want in a magazine, EXPERIMENT!

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