4 Red-Flags That He’s A Manipulative & Controlling Moron

by Sylvia Fredericks
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

I don’t know why more woman can’t see a man for who they really are. He must be really gorgeous on the outside for them to completely miss what is on the inside. I’m not including you in this article.

Your obviously much more smarter, I hope. If you clicked a link to get to this article then you probably have an interest in knowing these red-flags and that’s just one more step in being prepared to run to the hills or giving a kiss to your prince charming.

So are you ready to see if your boyfriend might be a controlling and manipulating fool?

1. Ball & Chain

This is common for most controlling boyfriends. They don’t want you to go anywhere without them. Girls night out? Forget about that! He doesn’t want you to go anywhere without being right by your side. This stems from insecurity and perhaps even his own unfaithfulness….

2. Something Exciting, Fun, & New

Where do you go often? Do you ever attend the events that you would like to participate in? Perhaps a concert or even ice skating, no? Do you always have to go where he insist? Does he always insist on going somewhere you don’t want to go? Can you see where I am going with this? He is controlling where you are going! How much fun you have and probably even when you do go.

3. Lack Of Respect

This is a big one ladies, respect! Respect is something everyone deserves regardless if they give it to you one way or another. However tolerating disrespect from a boyfriend is something that should never happen. When you lose respect for yourself you lose your identity. Losing your identity is almost worst then dying because your still breathing, you just hate yourself.

4. No No No

Is your control freak always thinking yes when you say no? Does he force you to comply or else? If so, you need to run, and run fast! Following number three (lack of respect) you should already know that he isn’t your best choice and you can do better.

If your boyfriend meets any or all of these red-flags you should start thinking about leaving him. Being in a relationship where the partner is always manipulating and controlling isn’t healthy and it will not lead to anything good. It will just get worse! So what are you waiting for?.

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Updated: October 20, 2013 — 12:04 am

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