1. been following Laird for years, he and Randy Couture were my main
    inspiration for getting in shape about 10 years ago. i couldnt believe the
    condition they were both in after the age of 40 . and now since following
    Laird ive become familiar with your principles to Gabby . keep up the good
    work, and happy new year to you and your family . i always look forward to
    new updates on your facebook page

  2. Today is the day! Welcome to our #HealthyLiving Challenge. It’s all about
    developing new and healthy habits each day for the next 30 days. Watch my
    video below for more details, then click the following link for Day 1 –
    Eliminating Your Worst Habit: http://bit.ly/Day1of30

  3. We’re launching our 30-Day #HealthyLiving Challenge today at
    GabbyandLaird.com. Watch Gabby Reece’s video below, then click here to
    start the challenge: http://bit.ly/Day1of30 – L

  4. Thank you for inspiring us all to be the best we can be! Grateful for you!

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