1. Great job ladies!!

  2. Awesome work, girls! It’s so nice to see your progress. You all look
    happy and motivated. 

  3. Fantastic progress!! I start my 30 challenge tomorrow. So excited!!

  4. You’re doing a wonderful thing here!! I’ve always been afraid of your
    workouts but when I finish what I’m doing I will incorporate your workouts
    into my regimen!! Good. Job to the ladies 

  5. Great job to all the ladies! Yall are looking great and healthy! :D

  6. Z can you do a video on how to reduce body fat and still keep the muscles?
    whats the right diat to look become as lean as you are? thank you!!

  7. I would do anything just to meet and be train by Zuzka! She is so
    professional…even to her sitting style! This lady is classic…

    Thank you Z! Love your motivations that inspires me in so many shapes and

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