3 Simple Toning Workouts to Achieve Your Ideal Body

If you think only painful sweaty exercises will help you achieve your ideal body weight, I have good news for you. All you really need to do is to move a bit more, and eat sensibly to become fit and toned.

The three toning exercises below will give your body a great workout while stretching and burning calories – without pain. So read the steps here and give them a go, you might change the way you normally feel about exercise!

Life can be so unfair at times! You go on insane diets and go through rigorous workouts, but it seems that you will never get the body you once had and enjoyed. You can do a crazy amount of cardio, but squats are your best defense against inner-thigh jiggle and bottom sag.

You can’t go to the beach because like an older person, your skin isn’t as firm and as toned as it was years back. Well, here are just a few exercises that target those hard-to-tone spots so that you feel younger and better than ever.

1. Stand with your feet together, knees lightly bent, and hands on hips. Lunge to the right side with your right leg, putting all your weight on your inner thighs. Shift the weight to your left leg as you return to your starting position. Repeat the move on the other side as well. If you want to maximize the move, add resistance by adding at least two pounds of weight.

2. Step forward with your right leg, with both knees slightly bent and your left heel raised. Lower into a squat until your left knee is one to three inches off the floor. Focus the weight through your right heel and squeeze your bottom as you come up. Switch sides after every lunge. To add a little bit of challenge to it, pulse your weight on your left leg after you put it on your right heel. Do this for 20 counts so that you are able to exhaust your glutes.

3. Stand with your legs wide apart, knees bent, and put your hands on your hips. Tighten your inner thighs and glutes as you press through your heels and your toes when you jump up. Gently land in the original position and be careful not to lock your knees. Do you want to make it harder so that you are able to work the area better? Do the jumps quickly without stopping for about 30 seconds. This move gets your heart rate up as well.

Due to the disparity with your different body parts that become evident through the years, the key is to also perform a light-resistance aerobic exercise combined with loads of lower-body calisthenics.

To firm up your thighs, concentrate on activities the workout your lower body while you build up the resistance of the rest of your parts.

Just remember that your shape also depends on the type of fat you carry the most. You can’t really change your body and see a big difference. That is, not unless you go under the knife.

The point of these exercises is to work, tone, and shape your ideal body better.

Take charge and stop comparing yourself with others. Get on with your plans, eat better, and live more actively. Pretty soon, you’ll see the changes in your body and be happy with it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself as well. Time plays a big part with how you look. But rather than whine and complain, you can actually do something about it now.

Beautiful Body Ideal Weight

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:43 am

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