1. who just ate after this

  2. i’m eating while watching

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  4. Do you mean fat size or do you mean buff size

  5. he didnt edit it cos it makes the video seems natural and flowing.

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  8. I know you have made some videos about teens but ah

  9. Sorry about that last comment what I was trying to say Is that I know you
    made some videos for Teens but here’s my situation I’m 13 and I really
    don’t have enough time to work out so my question is what is a short
    workout that will show results fast and also what should we teens eat??

  10. gatorade? wtf

  11. BodybuildingCooking

    Thx for the video and don’t worry about those comments about editting what
    happened at 4:50.;)

  12. Thx a lot for the vid. As a beginner I find it easier to understand what I
    need to do

  13. Thanks mike I have been making this mistake for a while

  14. Thanks mike I have been making this mistake for a while

  15. Thanks Mike! I’m not a very big guy. And since i am watching this video I
    obviosly want to get bigger. Your videos has inspired me to really work
    harder and also change the way I eat. Keep on doing what you’re doing! it
    is really helpful!

  16. Haha that actually made me lol.

  17. I just wanna say thank you man coz 16 weeks ago I was 65 kg and know I am
    pretty much 90kg

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  19. that’s amazing, how did you do it?

  20. guys I want to get bigger than what I am, but yet i’m not all muscle do I
    burn the fat then eat more? or eat more and burn at the same time?

  21. Can someone help me out please. How do you know the point where you over
    work your muscles and start to lose muscle? Can you work and upper and
    lower body everyday? Or do you have to have cool down days? 

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