3 Factors for Successful Bodybuilding Fat Loss

Don’t you want to lose fat? So how does bodybuilding helps in fat loss?

Bodybuilding helps you burn fat when you perform a number of workouts. In addition, your body will continue to burn calories after the workouts. It is believed that the continual fat burning lasts up to 39 hours. That is why bodybuilders can get rid of fat even when they are resting.

During the intensive weight training, your body needs a lot of carbohydrates. As you are recovering, your body also needs carbohydrates. When your body is low on carbohydrates, it will burn more fat during this period. The intensity of the workout can determine how much fat to used during the recovery period.

Adding more lean muscles can help in fat loss. Lean muscles are able to burn calories when they are dormant. It is safe to say that if you continue to build muscles, the more fat you can trim even you are not doing any weight training.

If you are dieting, then muscle building should be part of your weight loss program. Not incorporating weight training can lead to loss of lean muscles and drop in metabolism. These two factors alone can bring back the weight you have lost during dieting. So, whichever diet program you use, never neglect the benefits of body building.

There are three factors in determining the success of bodybuilding for fat loss. The first factor is the duration. It is believed that the longer you work out, the more fat you burn. As you start working out, your body will use more glucose as energy and less fat. As your training continues for a period of time, there come a point when your body uses the same amount of glucose and fat. Then after this stage, your body will use less glucose to keep the blood sugar level in balance and reserve energy for your brain. At this point, more fat will be expended for fuel that is needed for your weight training.

The next factor we are looking into is intensity. It is believed that you burn less when you reduce the intensity of your workout. So does that mean high intensity is not helping in fat loss? Let us explore further. First of all, you need to find out what is your lactate threshold. This is when you start feeling tired when you increase the intensity of your exercise by one step. If you can continue building muscles just below this lactate threshold, your body will burn the fat at the highest level. Therefore, you don’t need exercises with very high intensity to lose fat.

The last factor is frequency. This is important in body building when it comes to the efficiency of fat burning. If you overdo it, then your body may not have enough to recover for the next exercise. Fatigue will decrease your ability to burn calories. However, if you are not doing enough exercise during the week, then your body may not be able to burn the excess fat. You probably need the expertise of a bodybuilding instructor in determining the number of times you need to exercise in a week.

Bodybuilding can help you to lose fat. Once you understand the three factors that determine the effectiveness of fat burning in body building, you will be able to combine these workouts with your diet plan for best results. Not only you lose fat but you can show off with your lean muscles.

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