1. Did anyone else notice he emphasized Robert bracket

  2. carrots cured my blindness.

  3. No they didn’t

  4. The 5 second rule is the most stupid thing i ever heard

  5. Right..

  6. Or don’t drop it to begin with?

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  8. Damn right!

  9. Ok I’m pretty sure everyone already knew the 5 second rule was a myth.
    Feels kind of silly to have that as number 1.

  10. Vsauce did a video on the 5 second rule and it was determined that the
    shortest time possible for food to become contaminated is the time in which
    molecular adhesion occurs – 1 femtosecond

  11. Slender

  12. If you’re going to make this list, it should be for stronger data. Many
    studies show eggs are bad for your heart and they most definitely are.

  13. Another myth, Shaving does NOT make your hair grow back thicker, courser or
    purple, think of it this way, you are cutting the hair at skin level so you
    are not touching the roots so there is no way it would make the hair grow
    back any different, the tips will be blunt so this can give the illusion of
    it being courser. Waxing also does not make hair grow back thicker either
    as tested here…

  14. anyone who believes the 5 second rule deserves food poisioning

  15. Although you are correct about how carbohydrates/glucose do not make you
    fat you failed to say that having to much of it is still bad for your
    overall health since it is a sugar.

  16. Carbs do make you fat. Especially simple sugars. They raise your insulin
    levels in the body. So although they don’t directly add to your weight the
    way calories would, they make it easier for your body to gain weight.

    Hey science. There’s a new sheriff in town.

  17. I would dispute the claim about cold causing colds. yes of course colds are
    viral. but i have been out in the cold so many times without a hat and
    caught cold that I have lost count. the cold air lowered my resistance to
    viruses by compromising the vascular activity in the nose where much
    filtration gos on, and i was out of action for a week. this time and time
    again. and then i invested in an air conditioner for my home and got colds
    even less often

  18. I think the thing about getting cramps while swimming after eating isn’t
    about the water causing the cramps but more about the fact that if you got
    a cramp from eating you won’t have the strength to keep swimming and keep
    yourself afloat

  19. who thinks crossing your eyes will cause them to stay that way?!

  20. #22 – calories are more fattening when eating at night. Because energy
    isn’t being spent, it’s being stored. Stored energy is harder to retrieve,
    so in the morning you wake up with more fat, and still hungry. To keep
    weight in check, it’s best to go to sleep a little hungry, when waking up
    have a rich breakfast where you’ll eat all the carbs you’ll eat in the
    entire day, in the middle of the day eat fats and proteins, and in the
    evening – just light meals. There are lots of nutritionists that back this
    up, and body builders, fitness models, etc. The influence is upon appetite.
    Thus, when you eat before sleep, you just tend to eat more total calories
    during the day.

    #19 – LDL cholesterol is associated with atherosclerosis, not cholesterol
    in general. Studies confirm that people can have more than 1 egg per day,
    and have a healthier circulatory system than people who avoid fats and

    #12 – Eating fat does not make you fat. Try it and fail. Sumo wrestlers eat
    lots of carbs to get fat, and proteins to have muscle.

    #9 – Muscles are absorbed over a very long period of time, or shorter if
    you don’t eat enough protein. They just become “slower”.

    #7 – Low light causes the iris to open more, and the eye muscles to strain,
    that tire the eyes, and may lead to vision deterioration. The same reason
    why reading text that’s too far is bad. I don’t know any science papers
    associated with this position, but from my friends and acquaintances, it
    became quite clear that eye muscle strain is linked to vision acuity.

    #5 – Sugar leads to hyperactivity. The study you referenced just showed a
    strong placebo. There are other observations however that do link sugars
    with bad behavior, hyperactivity, irritability.

    #4 – Temperature has a lot to do with it. Lower temperatures make a better
    environment for viruses to propagate. Dry (heated up cold air) air reduces
    our first immune response in the nose.

    #2 – Argumentum ad auctoritate – argument from authority. You base this on
    something some authority has stated. Please find the “Tokelau migration
    study”. And please consult some science behind this. Read about the effects
    of insulin, also find out what fructose breaks down into (glycol, which
    binds free fatty acids – FFA into triglycerides into fat cells). Also read
    about the hormones that trigger hunger, and what stimulates them. This is
    the most blatant lie about a “false myth”. Even from practice I found, that
    staying on high carbohydrate diets induces rapid weight gain, even when
    calorie intake is low. Carbohydrates are the main cause why people are
    obese. Look at each one of the obese people, you’ll find how many potatoes,
    buns, ice cream, cakes, soda and beans they eat, which is all food with
    high glycemic index. If you eat carbs, you’ll stay hungry, and eat more
    calories during the day, because your body will demand it. There was even a
    documentary on BBC “why skinny people don’t get fat” where they’ve taken
    skinny volunteers and tried to feed them 3000 or more calories per day. The
    only way they could do it is by eating ice cream, chocolate, and other
    sweets, because *carbs keep you hungry while making you fat*.

  21. I think your just stating your opinion on half of these honestly.

  22. #1: food becomes contaminated as soon as it touches the floor (as in
    1×10^-999 seconds of it Being in contact with the floor)

  23. LivingInVancouverBC

    Gotta call BS on #7… Reading with dim lights definitely harms your eyes.
    That’s why Worker’s Comp has minimum light levels for the workplace. 

  24. LivingInVancouverBC

    #21 “Carrots don’t improve vision…but they prevent macular degeneration,
    a leading cause of blindness.”

    Maybe I’m confused but wouldn’t “preventing blindness” be considered “good”
    for your eyesight? 

  25. #14all herbs are natural, so they’re harmless.
    If i ever here that then ” all venom is natural, wanna drink it?”

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