23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

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Updated: February 4, 2014 — 7:37 am


  1. Good advice on getting up from your seat for at least 30 minutes/day
    presented with a whiteboard annotated video, and referencing relevant

    Dr. Mike Evans, the lecturer, is founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li
    Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and
    Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a staff physician at St.
    Michael’s Hospital.

    Via @lifehacker

  2. I have been running on my elliptical about a half hour each day for a
    little over 4 months now and it has made a huge difference in my life: I’m
    down 25 pounds, I don’t need to worry about my cholesterol anymore, and I
    carry far less stress in my body. 23 and 1/2 hours is a little more simple
    than “exercise” so consider taking his challenge.

  3. We can’t get enough of this video. This excellent video highlights the
    single one thing you can do to improve your health.

    It seems simple — 30 minutes a day — or for Walkingspree participants, we
    talk about walking at least 5,000 – 6,000 steps a day.

    Make 2012 the healthiest year of your life!

    Happy Stepping!

    Walkingspree Team

  4. Yvonne Wake is in the office offering the Greatvine team 1:1 health
    consultations. Looking good so far and not all about dos and don’ts, about
    balance. This vid was her opening introduction to us, Mike Evans talks a
    lot of sense.

  5. Hinduja wellnessmumbai

    The best thing that we can do in our lives is to move on, literally. So say
    bye to your beloved idiot box, shut down your PCs (after watching this
    video) and MOVE! See you on the jogging track…

  6. “23 and 1/2 hours” – a 10 min presentation on the benefits of being active.

    If you’re too busy to spend 10 min, the basic idea is that even 30 min a
    day of walking will result in significant improvement of health and reduced
    risk of heart disease (& more). It’s even ok to break it up into three 10
    minute chunks. Also, being sedentary is incredibly bad for you.

    Too good not to share!

  7. I was thinking about this video again, and along with #Movember I will take
    this month to do another activity to increase my health.

    I am going to get out and walk more. At least 30mins, but maybe not all at
    the same time.

  8. #risingstrong #getfit

    Must see video for people just starting out!!!

    Learning about this stuff has helped me make changes to live a
    better/healthier/awesome life! I believe it can do the same thing for you!

  9. 23 and half hours… awesome video…

  10. If you have an extra 10 minutes, this is worth a watch :)

  11. This is a great video in regards to its content and message, but I also
    like it because of how it’s a visual narrative. There are animations to go
    with all the concepts he is discussing. As a visual learner this type of
    instruction/lecture is great I think!

  12. Thrive Personal Fitness

    ▶ 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
    – YouTube

  13. ok…software engineers we’ll die 20 years earlier 🙁

  14. great!!!

  15. Interesting video, thanks.

  16. Chapman rocks

  17. 23 and 1/2 hours

  18. Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. This video makes the health benefits of being active very clear. | Get
    #Healthy | #NourishedOTG | #Vegan | http://youtu.be/aUaInS6HIGo |

  20. Orange is the New Black anyone?

  21. Where can I find his citations?

  22. What has the biggest impact on your health? Watch this video.

  23. *In case we need a little extra motivation to just get up and move*

    Great question – is it really too much to ask, to limit sitting/sleeping to
    23.5 hours per day?

    Sad to admit that I’ve struggled with this lately.

  24. Chapmen sent me here.

  25. Oceanside Care Center

    This is the single best thing you can do for your health
    #OceansideCareCenter #besttips #health
    23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

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