1. LONGER LASTING BATTERY! That is all I want.

  2. 2014 Htc one should keep the same beautiful design with snapdragon 800
    processor with adreno 330 Gpu & have a battery more than 3000 mah. Support
    wireless charging out of the box & expandable storage.

  3. a menu/multitask soft touch button would be nice. Also a ridiculously fast
    processor, insane battery and a camera with more megapixels. 

    8 or 13 ‘Ultrapixel’ camera!

    Samsung can do it. LG can do it. Why can’t HTC?!

  5. Please HTC stop your ugly button layout, and use that space for a bigger
    display and a navigation bar…

  6. Still the same metallic back form factor, still front-facing boom sound but
    smaller speaker grill because I want more real estate for the screen for
    more of that edge-to-edge look (learn from LG G2), 5.2-inch 2K display,
    Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, if no micro SD then minimum of 32GB up to 128GB
    storage capacity, No fingerprint scanner please (too CrApple-ish and it
    uses too much precious space) better have iris scan instead, min. of 3,300
    mAh battery, great camera features and PLEASE HTC: NO MORE 4MB CAMERA –
    that was a reeeaaally BAD move – go for 16MB and 5MB front. And ask Google
    to integrate more their voice search to your better and improved HTC Sense
    6 both for internal and web search. Android Kitkat 4.4.2 or latest on the
    release date. And yeah, better, wider covering but removable Blinkfeed.

    Here’s a great tip HTC: add in the box a great matching wearable tech for
    health and fitness monitoring and add that feature in the HTC Sync. I’m
    telling you CEO Peter Chou, people will like you again for this move.
    BELIEVE ME. :-)) Please don’t call it HTC One-Two. Eeeww. I think it
    would be great if they will call it HTC Phoenix. it will be meaningful
    because if they will follow the recommended specs here — HTC will rise and
    be back on the market again! GUARANTEED.

  7. 5.2″ 2k display
    Snapdragon 805, 2GB of RAM
    3,000 mAh battery
    13 Ultrapixel camera

    ..not that I’m gonna get one, but if they’re tryna compete.. That^ needs to

  8. A better camera and maybe expandable memory

  9. Same design pretty much but thinner bezels and maybe a 10 or 16mp camera

  10. With the new HTC One, I want a camera with at least 8 MP with OIS and a
    PoLight lens and not any kind of Snapdragon SoC at all as I don’t like
    their GPU performance.

  11. I want an iphone with at least a 4.7 inch display

  12. GeorgeofTheConcreteJungle

    My dream HTC, would be the current HTC with a better camera, bigger battery
    and water resistant coating. 

  13. Another design not another material i mean the way it feels in the hand

  14. Bigger battery
    Snapdragon 800
    And maybe finger print scanner ?

  15. I don’t think Samsung is going to dish android over tizen. Samsung is the
    king of android.

  16. All glass on the front. no ugly metal.

  17. I want them to focus on design. By design I don’t mean making the phone out
    of aluminum. I mean creating a phone that doesn’t require hand gymnastics
    to use because there are giant speakers and bezels surrounding the screen.

  18. There’s been a lot of unnecessary shit churned out recently. Instead of
    higher resolution screens and carbon copies with gimmicky features I’d like
    to see something important/useful. Battery cough. Give meh a battery that
    lasts for weeks plezzz! 

  19. I would just like to have a standard back, home and multitask button on the
    front and have a camera that combines high megapixel (at least 13) and
    lowlight. That is perfect. I couldn’t care less of any fingerprint sensor
    i.e. on the Max or 2k displays.

  20. Louder speaker
    Faster processor than qualcomm 800
    Zero bezel design
    More comfortable power button
    20 mp camera not ultra pixel (I don’t like 4 ultra pixel)
    Removable battery
    More sensors
    Fingerprint scanner
    Usb 3.0
    Fastcharging like samsung….

  21. Snapdragon 805, 32 and 64 GB variants, a proper OIS camera, 3 GB or ram,
    maybe even 4 and a 3600mAh battery. And a better way of promoting the damn

  22. I agree! a better camera and a better processor! the HTC one is the leading
    Android device in terms of design so beef it up with an updated camera and

  23. Well I would want the HTC One to have a better camera and snapdragon 800, 3
    gigs of ram, 3000 mAh battery, and android 3 buttons with home button in
    the middle like nexus devices, recents on the right and back button on
    left, same speakers and same screen. That would be awesome if they do

  24. syahmietherattlehead

    Definitely better camera a 8 megapixles would do and also bigger battery. 

  25. Bigger battery. Bigger screen. Better camera. Micro sd card. Snapdragon 800
    or 805. 3g ram.

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