1. D’awww, that was adowable. :3
    Merry christmas NASA!


  3. Perfect post-Tofurky workout. 

  4. cant think of any better Christmas present than a personnel message from an
    Astronaut for my cyber stocking, hint hint!!!

  5. Merry Christmas NASA :O}

  6. That was a lousy Burpee!

  7. yea dem tax dollars

    Thanks Obama

  8. I see some potential to improve here (“singing”) :P

  9. beautiful..Merry Christmas to NASA..:)

  10. 12 Days of Astronaut Fitness

    12 Days of Astronaut Fitness

  11. i’m already tired, just watching

  12. awkward nasa

  13. NASA WOD! 

  14. OMG! They look smart, what happend?

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