1. would LOVE a channel!!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Finding the Warrior Within

    Great video! Definitely make more videos! 🙂

  4. nevergiveup283to140

    Hey guys! After a little time off I am back and ready to fight my way to my
    goal. I see some confusion on finding my blog so here is the link again…
    nevergiveup283to140(.)tumblr(.­)com Best of luck to everyone on their
    journey’s and feel free to message me anytime via tumblr if you need any

  5. nevergiveup283to140


  6. Just started following you on tumblr! Great job on the weight loss!

  7. Katie Wisz Dimitrijevich

    Amazing weight loss! So glad you found a support community, I found one 2
    months ago and it really has made the difference, finally successful after
    so many failures going it alone!

  8. i’d love to see more videos from you!

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    Googled Belly Busting Box and set about using their strategy. At this point
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    the weight, research it!

  10. You are such an inspiration. I’ve decided to take action now, before my
    19th birthday at the end of the year, to turn things around in my life. To
    be a healthier, happier person for myself and the future I’m working
    toward. Glad that I found this video and hope that my comments will find
    you in good spirits and meeting your goals. Thank you so much for having
    the courage to share your journey!

  11. Your very motivational! I think support is a huge factor in weight loss. I
    feel like that is one of the reasons I’ve been unsuccessful so far.

  12. I literally just want to give you a big hug.

  13. GO GIRL!

  14. VIC you are so sweet. Big hugs to you young lady. Such an amazing story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. You look great girl.

  16. I’m very inspired by you because it sounds to me like you are really
    fighting genetics, which is so hard to do! I also grew up in a family where
    we ate out all the time.. I was always thin, despite my very unhealthy
    habits. In my senior year of high school, I gained about 20-30 lbs and kept
    gaining after high school. I got pregnant two years after I graduated high
    school and finally reached 220. I just wanted to tell you how Inspiring you
    are to me! Thanks!

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  18. Marycatherine Bevill

    You really inspired me to lose weight and I have been trying to lose weight
    my whole life and now I have realized u have to stay positive about

  19. Awesome

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  23. EarlyMorningsAndRain

    Thank you so much! This has inspired me so much. I am aiming to lose 100
    pounds as well. You gave me the push I needed.

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  25. I wish I had a friend like you. Everyone I know seems to be small or just
    not care If I am big. I lost almost 90lbs a few years ago and put It back
    on due to medications and stress. I am almost 20lbs down and I still feel
    like nobody really cares. It Is hard for me personally because I feel like
    background noise and I just want support and understanding. You are doing a
    great job and you are going to make It ^5

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