10 Types Of Women To Avoid Dating At All Cost – Part II

by Theresea Hughes
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Continuing from part I of 10 Types Of Women To Avoid Dating At All Cost.

The Feminist 

Men in her book are societies woman. Her perspective is a lot like yours but only twisted and maligned. She believes that all men are the root of evil and have created a terrible society to live in. She will naturally believe that you are her pet and treat you as such. You are good for breeding and perhaps chores around the house. The feminist also believes that she is superior in all ways, and is always right. If men only obeyed woman more often the world would be a better place. That is her view and nothing will change it, period.

The Club Girl

Twenty-One is when they really begin their life. The club girl are just as they are titled. They live and breathe in clubs. They aren’t good to take home to mom and dad, but they make good one-night stands. They have expectations, dreams, and maybe even a heart. However they don’t know how to growup and can be a bit intellectually challenged from all the alcohol they have consumed over the years.

The Gold Digger

A woman that darts questions about where you live, what you do for a living, and what type of car you drive should be dropped immediately. This woman is a gold digger and is not after you but your cash. She will be able to give you a full description about the watches and clothing that everyone in the room is wearing and whether or not they are from rich and glamorous shops. She is up to date on who is who and what is what. Current events that involve money do not get past this one, neither do rich men.

The Baby Mama

Are you ready to adopt seven children all from different daddies? If not then stay away from the baby mama. She will have all the qualities a man is looking for: curves, intellect, and bedroom skills. The only problem she has is the fast expectation of a daddy. One that will help her take care of all her children and love them. She is desperate and anyone can be a daddy. . . Yes, even you.

The Control Freak

Woman who want all the power, literally. They want to know where you are. What you are doing. Who you are with. A control freak needs just that, control and they will go to any length to have it. They will cheat, lie, and steal. They manipulate and deceive. If she is control you need to run and run fast. There isn’t much more to say about these types of woman. They just can’t be dealt with.

Now that you know all 10 woman to avoid what type of woman will you be looking for?

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:39 am

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