10 Types Of Women To Avoid Dating At All Cost – Part I

by Theresea Hughes
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Some woman aren’t proper ladies to date. Some talk way too much. Others just try to impress and hook you. Once they have you secured they changed dramatically. While other types of woman are just not proper marriage material and if you can’t marry them, why bother? If you want a girlfriend, or wife that you can love, cherish, and be with for the rest of your life then you may want to take a peek at this list.

The Bimbo

This girl is the same type of girl you are completely perplexed about. She has a PhD in the bedroom but a degree from school she has not. A bimbo is not a girl you want to meet mom and dad. She isn’t intellectual at all and will probably be very materialistic.

The Chatter Box

This is the type of woman that never stops to breathe during conversation. She sounds winded and is usually concerned about the events that are happening in her life. She won’t let you get a word in and she will dominate most conversations. Who wants a girl that doesn’t listen, or worse, talks too much?

The Desperate Woman

She will come as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She will be the perfect girl for you and you might even get to point of setting up a date with your parents. That is, if she doesn’t jump the gun too quickly by telling you how many kids she wants, where she wants to buy a house, and the breed of dog that she has always wanted. Marriage is a topic that is on the tip of her tongue as soon as she believes you are hers.

The High Maintenance Girl

She breaks a nail and you are expected to drop anything and everything to assist in the repair of the nail. This type of woman will demand outrageous things all because your her boyfriend. She will want only the best of things and will only eat where she can be seen eating. Only the best and greatest for this woman. May god help your wallet and your bank account. . .

The Clingy Girl

I am going to assume you have a penis. Now you have two. That is exactly what happens when you date a clingy type. They adopt your interest and expect to be with you every waking moment. She’ll be life drainer, literally. You will not be able to miss this girl because she will be with you at all times. Monitoring and observing you are her hobbies. Good luck trying to breathe let alone live!.

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Updated: December 27, 2013 — 9:49 am

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