1. Thank you so much for this… Some time we tend to forget even the basics
    of healthy living and I believe this is going to be 1 of the best reminders
    for anybody who wants to lead a healthy LIFE

  2. nice one…

  3. This will actually help i agree but if you dont sleep well what could you
    do to sleep well?

  4. Thank you I do them

  5. But i did not avoid stress so I try now

  6. Excellent Tips Adriana.. We all tend to know this but never put it in real
    practice.. I hope this is a reminder for all.. thanks again… loved the
    music also 🙂

  7. um snacks are a good thing wtf stupid video

  8. Snacking is good unless you’re not snacking on the right, healthy foods.

  9. The main thing to consider is doing everything in moderation Any diet will
    do as long as it is a balance one.

  10. Thanks, We should try to follow the rules.


  12. hey thanks .

  13. nice tips 🙂 it is good to be reminded that you are on the right track !

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