10 Minute Workout Sessions – Why They Are Better Than Extended Workouts

One of the most interesting trends in fitness is the growing popularity of 10 minute workout sessions. Fitness experts are devising various short but intense bursts of activity that are guaranteed to help people lose weight and improve their health.

There is quite a bit of evidence pointing towards the need for 10 minute workout sessions instead of longer ones:

1. People who exercise in small bursts of around 10 minutes each tend to have fewer instances of hypertension. According to various scientific studies, people with high blood pressure will benefit from fewer exercise sessions rather than one extended workout.

2. Shorter workouts of around 10 minute or so, done at least thrice every day also help people shed weight quicker than a single 30 minute workout. Exercising thrice a day ensures that the metabolism is maintained at a high level and this helps burn more calories in the long run. Only if calories are burned steadily will a person be able to lose weight safely.

3. Many people are simply nor able to find the time for a long workout session. However, they can easily fit in bursts of activity of 10 minutes duration. These short workouts take away the excuse that a person has no time for exercise! In fact, a person is more likely to keep to this exercise schedule since it does not require a lot of time to be invested.

While 10 minute exercise sessions are definitely very effective, it has to be noted that they only work if done in the correct manner. A person who wishes to lose weight or control a disease such as hypertension or diabetes has to be very disciplined in his or her approach to exercise. If this person does not exercise at least thrice a day for 10 minutes each then it is very unlikely that the right results will be obtained.

10 minute exercise sessions should also be done in the correct manner. Cardio exercises are the best way of burning calories and shedding weight. However, the person should beware of starting the exercise abruptly; this can result in painful injuries.

If you are trying to lose weight and simply don’t have the time for lots of exercise then you ought to start doing a 10 minute workout program instead. Choose running, walking, cycling or any aerobic activity of your choice and do it thrice a day for 10 minutes each. You will achieve your target weight in a surprisingly short time.

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