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  6. I would really apreciate a response, I need to oose some weight, I’m about
    1,60 cm high, I don’t exactly know my frame size but I would say medium. My
    waist is large, not big, not small.

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  8. Your workout is awesome!! Simple to follow yet at the same time I could
    feel all parts of my body burning and when I started sweating I knew this
    was the real deal lol. Thanks for posting this! I will be doing this every

  9. love dis girl

  10. Thanks SO much for this great video. Virtually the first time I’ve ever
    attempted any real exercise for a extended period of time. Accomplished a
    little over 7:00 of the video before I about fell over dead. Great
    exercise. Going to start doing it every single day. Hopefully in a few days
    I’ll be able to accomplish it all, and then I can start trying to do it
    twice in a row.

  11. That’s fantastic for your first time! Don’t be surprised if your a little
    sore the next day. That’s normal and will go away in a a few days. Be sure
    to stretch as much as possible and keep working 🙂

  12. This will not exactly “help you get abs” This is a cardiovascular exercise,
    which is meant to reduce your body fat, increase your endurance and improve
    your hearts condition, it is not exactly intended to give you big muscles.
    You should try crunches for example, those are very good ab exercises. Also
    when you reach a certain body fat % (which is quite low) your “natural” abs
    should start to show, (all humans have them, it’s just that normally your
    body fat is too high to make them stand out.)

  13. to get abs do squats and deadlifts, and ab exercises

  14. Thanks for uploading the video! My heart is like bursting!! <3

  15. thank you very much for that video which helps me a lot ,
    i felt the difference 

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  17. Any clue how many calories this workout is? 

  18. Hi will it be helpful for post pregnancy fat reduction?

  19. I am almost 31 years old, 61.5 kg with 159 cm height, BMI 24.1. I want to
    lose 5 to 7kg. Also want to tone my whole body specially abs and arm
    muscles. So I follow this 10 min along with some other of your abs routine
    at home.

    My querry is, shall I do cardio before abs workout, or after? Which is
    better for me.

  20. Valentina Talpeanu

    Hello! You burn 150 calories if you do the 5 exercises once or 3 times,
    like in the video? Great workout, anyway!! :)

  21. thanks I enjoyed it … plan to work out daily frim GA

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    I just subscribed :)

  23. hey I subscribed I love how its a short time and simple but good to help
    loose weight cause im taking supplments but also wanna do a little exercise
    to do it to make sure it works thx for posting this amazing video im gonna
    look at your other too. :)

  24. Hi! Thanks for your reply! I have another query.

    I am a pretty busty woman with “overwhelming” DD cups. And unlike to what
    usually happens to most of the ladies, I never lose fat from my breasts.
    Once I lost 12 kg in 2 months, but not from there! They are constantly huge
    since I was 13. Would you recommend me some exercise at least to tone the
    muscles of the breasts area? I am sometimes really embarassed with such
    cleavage in my relatively short body. Thanks!

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