1. HeyGuysIt'sAboutTimeIToldYou IHaveASmallDick

    Have been doing this twice a day for a week now, and shit I am happy 😀

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  3. Hope my effort to exercise make me slim, though having a great difficulty
    trying out

  4. I love your videos. Started my workout challenge day before yesterday and
    im ended it in two weeks. I’ll be back with results 

  5. awesome work out! keep the abs work outs coming. Ive been doing abs 2x a
    week with cardio too but how often will you recommend for me to do abs? thx

  6. Emily HoranStylesTommoMalikPayne


  7. i love you guys !!!!! you guys need a app, that would be amazing

  8. am i doing an exercise incorrectly if my neck starts to ache?

  9. I actually find working our abs difficult to do properly because it’s not a
    huge muscle group and most of the exercises involve full body involvement.
    This makes cheating much too tempting. This is especially true for when it
    involves more upper body movement as you will use your chest and arms to
    generate as much momentum as possible to help you. Isolating the abs in the
    exercises takes a lot of control and technique.

  10. super!!

  11. Love love love this Ab workout!

  12. love2010newlynatural

    Just finished!!!

  13. You guys are the best and helped changed my body

  14. Done! Oh goodness, my neck hurt so bad. :(

  15. this with their quick sweat and easy warmup vids is a great work out

  16. I feel like i did it wrong cuz my neck hurt 🙁 my abs do to but idrk

  17. My pelvis

  18. Wow! This is second video Which I seen and it’s amazing! Quick exercises! 🙂
    And sorry, if I wrote some words wrong.
    English is not my cup of tea. 🙂

    Please more videos :).

  19. What does the punching back and forth exercise help with? In other words,
    what muscle areas is it suppose to strengthen? Great workout!t

  20. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    Bicycle sit-ups are really good for toning up but by far my favorite
    exercise for losing belly fat are mountain climbers!

  21. I also started a month ago by physical exercise and cardio.

  22. My back and neck hurt when I was doing that.. D: shouldn’t u be feeling it
    in my tummy?!

  23. Anastasija Radevič

    I can lose 16 kg in 8 weeks ?? ;o 

  24. Money-saving exercise going on here. 10 min ab workout. I dare you to do

  25. Over the summer I was doing FitnessBlender workouts and I felt really good
    when my friends saw me and said I looked great and a lot skinnier. When
    school started back up I stopped because I had no time but I gained a lot
    of weight since the summer and want to be down to a descent weight again so
    Im going to start these again.

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