1. Love this Video 🙂 I lost weight too and made a Video about it 🙂 green tea
    and water honestly are like heaven !! it helped me a lot

  2. Thank you for this video! The last 10 pounds are always the hardest!

  3. When I go out to eat, because I really like fizzy drinks, I will get one
    fizzy drink. Before they get me a refill, I will tell my waitress/waiter to
    switch my drink to water. I never drink any soda at home though. I let it
    be my treat while we eat out. 

  4. This video was much needed after thanksgiving, haha :)

  5. AHHHH the music Big Bang- Blue!! I love Kpop haha sorry…

  6. Your hair and makeup look so gorgeous, and you look so happy! The thing i
    love about your videos is that you always have unique voice that isn’t just
    a repeat of what people in other videos say.

  7. Is mineral water fatting 

  8. Green tea works well

    Oh well.

  10. I absolutely looooovvvve your accent! <3

  11. She’s playing Blue by BigBang in the background ♥ love her even more now.

  12. I can here Blue by Big Bang in the background!! Love it!!

  13. I am from ni! It is nice to know that someone from quite a small place can
    get as big as u , u are mybrole model!

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  15. Where is she from ?

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  18. Thank you so much <3 you gave me inspiration to be more healthy :)

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  20. LOVE YOUR ACCENT!! Omg you are literally beautiful!

  21. im from Ireland and you said you ditched the potatoes??? are you kidding, I
    live off mash, (not really chips, I pefer mash) but how do you ditch the

  22. I love your testimonial! This is the reason why a lot of people want to try
    this product. It’s really amazing! 

  23. I need to tell my dad to stop buying me lucazade … He won’t stop and I’m
    the only person that drinks it -.- 

  24. your accent is the cutest!!

  25. Um… What if you don’t drink tea?

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