1. There is more than enough people on the planet. This diet is an attack on
    our species. Instead of helping us to decrease the population, it makes the
    problem worse.

  2. cataracts

  3. What’s the advantage of improving sperm quality? If it doesn’t change the
    genes you pass on, then my guess is that all of this doesn’t result in
    better offspring???

  4. @1091Floyd21, it makes healthier and stronger babies, dont u want a baby
    arnold schwartzaneggar?

  5. @tlascar Only if you plan onhaving intercourse in approximately the next 48
    hours!!! arnold schwarzenegger????????????????????

  6. Im alergic to seafoods and nuts DAMN IT.

  7. Alberto Gonzales Z.

    Too much animal protein causes cancer, so the more vegetables the better.

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  9. @adarne1 lol. don’t worry. Search in pharmacies (calcium, magnesium, zinc)
    and definitely there are many other goods which contain amino acid.

  10. Well I’m fucked…….. can’t give up Dr. Pepper

  11. these are all good suggestions, ive heard much about them in aiding the
    production of sperm and a more powerful orgasm. unfortunately for me, my
    anhedonia comes from neurosis and insomnia. for the next week i will try a
    mixture of vitamin supplements and see how that works.

  12. You might want to add coconut oil since its the highest concentration of
    arginine around. Shower with it, eat it straight, cook with it etc..

  13. PorterProductionsUK

    God Damn Dr. Pepper !

  14. Nooooo I love Dr. Pepper!!!!!!

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  16. morgansummer201388

    Yes cool we

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  18. Fluoride reduces sperm count in animal studies. This industrial waste toxin
    should not be in our water.. but it is. To raise your fertility do not
    drink fluoridated water, the raise your consciousness help fight to bring
    truth and light into this subject at a political level.

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