1. Lightwalker Cho blew up due to too much positive energy.

  2. It probably does that animation once for each buff it has maybe?

  3. LOL !!!

  4. Maximum HP = 2 147 483 647

  5. And in comes the Ironbeak Owl. SILENCE! =D

  6. ITS OVER 9000!!!!!

  7. Hahahahahahhaahhahaha

  8. If only they had attacked with one billion attack though using the health
    is your attack combo! :-)

  9. Maximum HP = 2 147 483 647 because its a java based program and it cant
    actually count higher than that

  10. Dude you don’t have to scream when you talk, chill out…

  11. Inner Fire? :d

  12. stop yelling into the mic

  13. Get lorewalker cho up to one million health
    enemy uses deadly shot

  14. make a sheep out of him lol

  15. I’m wondering if it’s possible to underflow the enemy’s health by hitting
    them with an attack that’s slightly larger than the integer max. They’d
    survive the attack and suddenly have billions of health!

  16. where is my sheep :\ 

  17. Ok so obviously the health is kept in a signed 32bit integer and it just
    overflowed and went into the negative range :)

  18. Can the Attack go negative?
    I’d love to see buffing health to INT_MAX, make Attack equal to it and
    buffing only Attack further. And what happens when I attack with negative
    numbers? :)

  19. What if 1 of them gets Mind Control?

  20. The Mighty Joehighlord

    Deathwing says high!

  21. Shadow word pain pretty good in that situation.

  22. “It will go to a DBZ episode” fuck me i loled my eye balls out.

  23. You went over 2^32 because those numbers are saved as Integers more than
    likely. You overflowed the number hence it because 0

  24. José Claudio Moretti Junior

    Computational representation is limited to integers. When it goes over the
    limit, it’s back to the maximum negative numbers. It’s called overflor.

  25. give it taunt aswell and you will basically win

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