1. your bmi is your total body mass not total body fat, its abit rubbish
    really because if you took a bodybuilders BMI it would say morbidly obese,
    because of the weight againest his height. But obviously a bodybuilder only
    weighs that much because of its muscele. so its body mass not body fat
    because it includes muscele weight also.

  2. Aww, thank you!!! I’m so glad you found it helpful! 🙂

  3. Yes, that’s awesome!!!! Keep it up!!! 😀

  4. Amazing advice! I have my graduation at the end of may and its really time
    I start a healthier life style! I would love if you did more of these
    videos :)))

  5. It could either be your diet or that you may not be consistent with working
    out. Stay away from simple refined starches such as white bread, white
    rice, and sugary foods that wil cause your blood sugar to spike and plument
    leaving you feeling blah. Also, you don’t have to work out for long periods
    of time. Short, but intense workouts are perfect! 🙂

  6. Emilia Alexandra

    BMI does NOT tell your body fat percentage. It only tells about if you’re
    overweight or underweight or healthy. and even if your bmi tells you are
    healthy it only means your weight is healthy you can still be skinny fat if
    you don’t exercise

  7. almost my whole clothes dont fit me anymore 🙁

  8. I used to have a huge I mean huge gut and I started working out stopped
    eating all the fast foods and pastries. I have lost a lot of my stomach! My
    shirts r super big and my pants r baggy. Point is I have been feeling
    better and healthier! I always felt bad because my whole family used to
    judge me for being bigger than everyone else. And everyone at school would
    always stare at me. But now I have guys crushing on me and everyone
    complements me. Diets and working out has changed my whole life!

  9. i don’t want to be mean just constructive critic… This video is very
    informative but the music in the almost foreground is very disturbing. i
    can almost not listen to what you are saying. maybe you could turn it down
    a little or choose another song… other than that good video thank you

  10. 1 cookie is a portion size?:D I never trust the “portion sizes”, sometimes
    I feel those are for 5 year olds …

  11. hey emma.hi.can u plzz tell me how u lose ur weight coz unfortunately i
    could understand nothing because of z song.plzzz tell me..5x

  12. BMI has nothing to do with your bodyfat..it simply is an indecator (more of
    a guesstimate) of the range of your weight as a whole.

  13. this video was amazing! Thank you!

  14. For me im allways hungry like allways. I dont know what to do … help

  15. suggestions on what to do if you have no one to fulfill the “supporter”

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  18. The bmi isn’t very accurate as it doesn’t take into account what your
    weight is made up of (for example muscle mass vs. fat)

  19. omg! you played music by florrie at 9:00 she’s awesome! 😀

  20. Pernille Kamp Jensen

    This is motivating. THANK YOU!!

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  22. I couldn’t finish the vid ’cause of th music

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  24. Sweetblueberrie it actually doesn’t coming from a girl with ADHD 

  25. Great video!

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